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ZHAAB is a Community and Family Aid Initiative, established early 2017 by Qatar Charity . ZHAAB is aimed at the encouragement and support of giving and effective leadership associated with important issues in the community. For instance, support for the needy to be able to help themselves enjoy a decent, safe and stable life. 

'ZHAAB in colloquial Qatari language, refers to a personal object that’s very precious, both morally and materially. In this context, ZHAAB represents the society that we hold in high regard.



To identify and work with the impoverished and vulnerable segments of our society; providing sound solutions to challenges obstructing their quality of life, while spreading awareness and establishing a responsible and developed society. A society based upon equality, fellowship and social justice. Zhaab endeavors to ensure sustainable and holistic development with emphasis on human rights towards developing a culture of social service through synergy. To further enhance our vision by building strategic partnerships with the Government and Non-governmental organizations that help the needy. To ultimately contribute to the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 in the areas of economic, social and human development. 



Our Mission is to build an effective social protection system for all groups. This includes safeguarding their rights, values and providing sustainable methods for every member of society to maintain a regular and sufficient income for a dignified life.



  • Solidarity
  • Transparency
  • Justice & Fairness
  • Respect
  • Equality

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